I’ve been an avid consumer of the science/chemistry blogosphere ever since my early days as a Ph.D. student. This awesome community consistently provides breaking news, helpful tips and different perspectives on important topics. Just a whole bunch of interesting things to think about. Below is a list of my personal recommendations, with links to specific posts where appropriate (more to be added when I get chance). If you don’t see your blog, please drop me a line – I’d be keen to check it out. Even currently inactive blogs contain a wealth of useful information that’s worth exploring.

C&EN Onion

[Lab Demonstrator’s Basic Competence Appears as Wizardry to First-Year Undergraduates, Trendy Biotech Startup Boldly Replaces “O” In Name With Stylized Hexagon]


[Chemistry Cards: Breathing Life into a Lame Idea, Starting Up a Chemistry Lab: Advice & Bargains, A Disturbing Note in a Recent SI File]

Chemical Connections

[On the Nature of Chemistry Publishing, Credit Where Credit is Due]

Chemistry Blog

[“Get a Job, Ken!”]


[This Week’s C&EN, The View from Your Hood, Sheri Sangji,

Compound Interest

In the Pipeline

[Things I Won’t Work With]

Just Like Cooking

[Enthusiasm Goes a Long Way]


Master Organic Chemistry

Open Flask

PHD Comics

Retraction Watch

The Cronicle Flask

The Culture of Chemistry

The Curious Wavefunction

The Sceptical Chemist


On Hiatus

A Chemical Sabbatical

A Chemist’s Laboratory Notebook

Better Living Through Chemistry

Blog Syn


Carbon-Based Curiosities


[One Way to Become an Assistant Professor, Titrating Organometallic Reagents is Easier Than You Think, Columns Week, Open Letter to a New Student]

Colorblind Chemistry

Curly Arrow

[Total Recall: Synthetic Organic Chemistry is Kinda Slow and Complicated!]

Molecule of the Day

Org Prep Daily

Synthetic Remarks

[Proposal: Journal of Failed Reactions]

The Chem Blog (dead link)

The Organometallic Reader

What If?